Hello beautiful nails techs from around the world. My name is Star,and I am here to meet new people that are serious about nails. I have been a licensed Nail Tech for 17 years now in the Sarasota, Bradenton area in sunny Florida. This site is to promote me and for professional nail techs that want to share info about nails and products. I love my line of work and I think this is a great career for women. I was 15 years with Volpe Salon and Spa. Maureen Volpe has givin me the talent to do beautiful sculpted nails. She sat and trained me for 5 months after I got out of school. I started with her in 1994. She made me who I am with nails today. I am grateful for that. I worked for myself and did the booth rent thing and loved it. I don't think of my job as work. I think of it as pleasure to be amongst clients and friends. It's great to hear where my clients go on vacation and to look at all the pictures. I specialize in pink & white, colored acrylics, air brushing, nail art, manicures and pedicures. I don't do tips on the nails. I form and sculpt the nails to perfection. I have been trained the in a special way of doing nails. I specialize with severe nail biters to help them over come their nail biting and to train their nails to grow the proper way and look beautiful. If you would love to have beautiful nails on your hands give me a call.  Ask for a appointment with Star today. Remember "Your Nails Are Jewels Not Tools" 


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